Biomass is a renewable, low carbon and low cost fuel that is readily available throughout the UK.

Significant, long term financial savings can be achieved through the Government funded RHI (Reneawable Heat Incentive) payments and greatly reduced fuel costs.

The utilisation of biomass as a fuel for heating and hot water systems brings many environmental and social benefits.

Correctly managed, biomass is a completely sustainable fuel source that delivers significant reduction in carbon emmissions when compared to fossil fuels.

Questmap Renewable Energy has developed a range of highly efficient and cost effective biomass boilers.

The Quest series of pellet and wood gasfication boilers offer a totally carbon neutral solution for both commercial and domestic applications.  Easily installed with simple, low cost maintenance make biomass a totally renwablenable alternative to traditional heat sources.

The entire Quest range of boilers burn biomass fuels extremely efficiently, utilising the heat produced to provide both hot water and heating. 

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